Timbit Soccer and Sponsorship

Timbit Soccer and Sponsorship

CC Riders would like to correct some misinformation that is out there in regards to the Tim Hortons sponsorship of our summer Mini program.

It appears it is being said that Tim Hortons has pulled their sponsorship from our Timbit Mini program which is not the case at all. They continue to be a valid sponsor and partner of youth sports, including soccer.

This past spring when shirts, medals and balls were ordered for our players there was a technical error. This error meant that the order was blank and the club, in an effort to ensure the players had uniform shirts ordered generic ones so players would not go without.

Medals from Tim Hortons will be handed out the last week of our season along with snack bags as they were last year. Our local Tim Hortons is working to include a little something extra for each player as well.

We appreciate the support of our local Tim Horton’s and youth soccer would not be as successful as it is without them. We ask that parents please continue to support our local Tim’s.