Winter Registration Competitive

Competitive Winter 2021-22 Registration

Opens September 19, 2021 at 9:00 pm, teams need to be declared by September 30, 2021 registration is required by then so we can determine what age groups we...

Winter registration skill sessions

Winter 2021-22 Registration

Opens September 19, 2021 at 9:00 pm

Skill Sessions will be one hour a week $100 for 12 sessions. The start date is November 15th and the last session will be February 14t...

Winter Soccer

Please stay tuned for information on our winter soccer programs.

We offer competitive, with games played in Halifax each weekend and practices in Truro.

We also offer skills sessions for a variety...

Rafflebox 50-50

Soccer Nova Scotia Province wide 50-50 has started again. Follow the link in this post and you can select CC Riders and we will get a portion of all ticket sales.
The winner will be contacted to claim their prize payout.
Ticket Prices:
1 for $5
3 for $10
20 for $20
75 for $50

Club Calendar

Club Calendar

Code of Conduct

We encourage all parents to cheer our teams on and be supportive and engaged in the games, we do however need to remember that our players, coaches and officials are working hard and doing the best job they can.  


We ask that everyone be aware of not making derogatory marks to officials, players or coaches. Verbal comments of a negative nature will not be tolerated to any officials, coaches or players.


Keep in mind in regards to our officials;

· Any complaint against a coach/parent from a game official will be taken seriously and could result in suspension from coaching or from game attendance.

· Officials have been instructed they have the right to suspend play until offending spectator is removed from the player area.

· There are limited officials, if you show up at your child’s game and there is no official keep in mind it is most likely not that they were not scheduled, but perhaps they do not want to deal with the verbal abuse.


Each coach has a different style and although it may not be your style they have volunteered their time and skills to help our players. The plays they are making on the field are the ones being taught by the coach, please respect that and do not coach from the sidelines.  Although we may not understand a formation or the way they have set the field it is their call as the coach.


Any concerns regarding coaches or officials can be directed with details to the Board.

Schedules - Mini and U13/U15

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