Update from Soccer Nova Scotia



May 15th, 2020

We continue to wish everyone well during these difficult times. The Soccer Nova Scotia team is working to provide information to best support you, as we work through the uncertainty and ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Sport Nova Scotia is working with the province to facilitate phased return to activity plans for sports currently affected. Plans will be broad and will follow designated public health restrictions that will adjust over time:

· Adhering to gathering limits

· Adhering to distancing measures for people who do not live in the same household (currently 6 feet or 2 meters)

· Hygiene guidance on handwashing, washing of surfaces, etc.

Based on provincial guidelines, we are working to complete a plan for soccer. This plan will be presented in two documents:

  1. Internal Members Guideline:

Timelines and guidelines

Recommendations for members and affiliated clubs, administrators, coaches, referees and anyone organizing soccer activity

  1. Participant Guideline:

Timelines and recommendations for participants

We will make these documents available on www.soccerns.ca after they are approved by Canada Soccer and the Nova Scotia Government. Based on what we know now, Phase 1 of the provincial framework will likely allow the following for soccer:

· Distancing group training, ensuring public health guidelines and gatherings are being adhered to

· Smaller and more controlled groups

· Limit touchpoints

· Limit the sharing of equipment

· Localize participation play in your community

We feel that game play will not be allowed in the first phase of the framework.

In support of the two documents noted above, our development staff

are producing distancing type training and individual skill development sessions following the provincial framework. These session templates will guide and support member clubs for phase 1 of return to soccer activity.

Phased timelines are set by the public health authorities. To date, we have no confirmation on when soccer activity will resume. We know resuming activity will depend on

the above plans and approvals. Dr. Strang stated restrictions may soften mid-May or early June but please understand that soccer activity offered will take time to put in place. We will be prepared to work closely with member clubs to help ease the pressure during this time.

Yours in Soccer,

Phil Swinney

President, Soccer Nova Scotia

Brad Lawlor

Executive Director, Soccer Nova Scotia